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Ladder Safety Training

Did you know that falls from ladders are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and lost labour time in Ontario? According to workplace health and safety regulations in Ontario, (specifically the OHSA reg. 851 on industrial establishments), if workers at your place of business or worksite utilize ladders in conducting their work duties - whether they are step, extension or fixed ladders - they must receive training and education on the proper usage of ladders and their safety procedures to legally comply with federal and provincial workplace safety legislation.

This course will cover the general duties of the various roles within the workplace (employers/owners, supervisors and employees), best practices when it comes to the use of ladders (pre-inspection, safe setup procedures and how to work safely on a ladder) and a comprehensive inspection of the ladders used at your workplace at no additional cost. Our course was built to increase awareness and reduce ladder-related injuries in a variety of workplace environments including warehousing, construction, manufacturing, maintenance facilities, utilities and others. 

Course Benefits:

  • Helps prevent ladder-related incidents and injuries in the workplace through proper training and education on ladder safety and usage;
  • Improves workplace productivity by reducing lost-time due to one of the leading causes behind lost man hours in Ontario: ladder-related injuries;
  • Promotes a safer workplace culture by increasing ladder safety and awareness;
  • Limits the risk of fines and/or work stoppage due to ladder-related safety violations after a on-site inspection by the Ontario Ministry of Labour. 

Who Should Attend This Course?

This course was designed to help improve ladder safety at home and in the workplace. As an employer, you are legally required to provide safety training and education to your employees if they are using ladders in the workplace. As such, the following people will benefit most from this course and should attend: 

  • Anyone that uses a ladder to fulfill their duties within an industrial, manufacturing, maintenance or construction worksite or anyone that uses ladders at home;
  • Maintenance and utility personnel that use ladders on an infrequent basis at their place of work;
  • Anyone that serves in a supervisory capacity for workers that use ladders on-site or at their place of work in Ontario. 

Course Content

  • A general overview of the types of ladders, their uses, how to select the appropriate ladder for a given job and the specific hazards and risks associated with each type;
  • Pre-operation ladder inspections - how to conduct a safety assessment and what warning signs to look for that indicate a safety issue;
  • How to set up the kinds of ladders used at your worksite or facilities including safe locations, what surfaces can be used, where ladders can and cannot be used and the use of safety features;
  • Guidelines for safe ladder use within Ontario including the use of 3 points of contact and general safety practices and procedures;
  • How to comply with federal and provincial legislation as far as the proper storage and maintenance of ladders within the workplace. 

Availability and Scheduling

As you can see, we've developed a well-thought out and comprehensive ladder training program that's perfect for any number of businesses. If you want to improve the safety of your workplace, ensure compliance with federal and provincial safety regulations and demonstrate your commitment to your employees' well-being, reach out to 1 Contact Safety today and book your course now!

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