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Train the Trainer Program

Do you have a large labour pool? Are you regularly on-boarding new employees? Do you experience frequent employee turnover? If your business or industry requires safety training of any kind - whether it’s for equipment such as forklifts, skid steers, aerial work platforms, or if you are working a heights or require hazard identification/assessment to handle the risks associated with potentially hazardous materials - your business would greatly benefit from having a certified in-house trainer for all of your safety and equipment training needs. 

Let us help your business by providing the necessary skills and tools required to get your safety and equipment trainers certified, competent and prepared to provide added value to your operations. Imagine how much your business could benefit from having an in-house expert able to provide safety training on-demand whenever the need arises? Our train-the-trainer course offers in-depth educational and practical training - providing your new in-house training expert with the knowledge, content and adult learning principles they’ll need to successfully teach any safety or equipment program your business may need. 

Course Content

Our train-the-trainer course includes everything your in-house trainer will need to competently train and certify your employees regardless of the type of training provided. In addition to a variety of materials for later use (such as tests, certificates and presentation materials) this includes the following:

  • Course specific knowledge overviews and educational content, including legislative requirements and industry standards;
  • Identifying training needs and requirements including what training needs to be provided, who in your organization needs to be trained and how to go about providing the necessary training;
  • How to design and deliver engaging participant-focused training materials and exercises;
  • A comprehensive look at adult learning principles and how to apply these to effectively support the training needs in your organization;
  • The effective use of training activities, exercises and other alternatives;
  • Effective assessment techniques including how to create exams and conduct practical assessments; and,
  • Techniques to avoid learning barriers including challenging participants/behaviours, trainee encouragement, and how to take advantage of different learning styles.

Why Should I Attend?

  • Fully grasp how to use adult learning theory to engage your learners.
  • Gain a foundation in conducting a needs assessment, developing learning objectives, and evaluating the
  • impact of your training initiatives.
  • Learn and apply effective training techniques for engaging a variety of learning styles and preferences, creating an effective positive learning environment, leveraging effective questioning techniques, and managing classroom challenges.
  • Develop engaging, learner-centered training solutions.
  • Design and deliver your own 10-minute skill exercises to practice new techniques learned in the course.
  • Identify professional growth opportunities through pre- and post-course self-assessments.

Who Should Attend?

  • Individuals from organizations with high volume training needs that will benefit from the development of an in-house training program;
  • Anyone looking to acquire a strong foundation in proven theoretical and practical training techniques including everything from the design of a training program to its implementation and execution;
  • New trainers that are looking to establish a firm foundation in the effective delivery and execution of corporate in-house training; and,
  • Previously certified and experienced trainers, training coordinators, or instructional designers that are looking to gain insight into their role as well as learn new training tactics and techniques. 

Types of Training Provided:

Our training offering at 1 Contact Safety is able to accommodate a variety of training needs so we’ll be able to certify your in-house trainers in a variety of training types. These include the following: 

Equipment Training

We can provide theoretical and practical train the trainer programs for equipment such as forklifts, telehandlers, mobile elevated work platforms, skid steers and more!

Safety Training

We also provide programs for general safety training including WHMIS, working at heights, ladder training and lockout / tagout training. Just let us know your needs and we're sure to have a training course for you!

Book Your Course Today

As you can see, we offer a full compliment of train the trainer programs suited for almost any safety, theoretical or practical training needs. So, if your business would benefit from having an in-house certified training expert, reach out to 1 Contact Safety today! Regardless of your needs we'll develop a training program that suits your needs and application. Book your session today by clicking the button below. 

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