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Skid Steer Training

Skid steers can be found anywhere from a construction site to a farm and just about everywhere in-between - making these versatile machines one of the most common pieces of heavy equipment currently in use throughout Ontario. Head to any number of construction or work sites and you’ll see skid steers being used for a variety of tasks including moving dirt, gravel or other loose materials, light excavation, clearing snow, etc. Beyond their maneuverability as small track-driven units with a zero-point turning radius, skid steers are an attractive option due to the enormous number of attachments currently available. 

However, many of the characteristics that led to the skid steer’s emergence as one of the more important tools available to the construction and agricultural industry also make it a difficult machine to properly and safely operate. While the small footprint and dimensions of a skid steer allow it to get where larger machines cannot, it also makes it less stable that other pieces of construction equipment, placing it at risk of tip-overs. These difficulties, in addition to federal and provincial legislation such as the Occupational Health and Safety Act, are one of the reasons why it’s so important to have your skid steer operators properly trained and certified by a qualified industry expert. At 1 Contact Safety, our skid steer training course will give operators the foundation they’ll need to safely and efficiently operate skid steers in a wide variety of environments.  

Our Training Course

Our OHSA-compliant skid steer training course is intended to ensure that all skid steer operators fully understand the principles and steps necessary to properly operate a skid steer as well as recognize the hazards and risks associated with them. Whether you’re looking to get certified for the first time or need to renew your certification, our skid steer training course has you covered!

Employer Obligations

The Canadian federal government and the province of Ontario have established specific guidelines and requirements for employers to follow with regards to the training and certification of skid steer loader operators. According to Clause 25(2)(a) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, all employers are obligated to "provide information, instruction and supervision to a worker to protect the health or safety of the worker". Regulation 851 (industrial) and Regulation 213 (construction), provide more detailed and specific requirements for employers of skid steer operators, stating that such equipment should only be operated by a competent person. A "competent person" is defined by the OHSA as someone who: is qualified because of his knowledge, training, and experience to organize the work and its performance, is familiar with the provisions of this Act and the regulations that apply to the work, and has knowledge of any potential or actual danger to health or safety in the workplace.

Course Content

Our comprehensive training course provides potential operators with a basic understanding of skid steer operation, maintenance and load handling. We also cover all relevant federal and provincial legislative requirements that are applicable to your workplace. Specifically, our course covers the following content:

  • Equipment features - the track type, control layout, and differences between units;
  • Laws and regulations - applicable federal and provincial standards and legislation, the roles and duties of employers, supervisors and employees; 
  • Standard safety procedures and pre-use inspection - the components of a pre-operation inspection, work area assessment, pinch and crush points, mounting and dismounting;
  • Basic equipment operation - how to start up the unit, loading the bucket and leveling off material, forward/reverse travel, turning functions, machine stability, shut down and refueling; and,
  • Safety information - common workplace hazards, equipment related safety risks, tip-over practices and procedures. 

Course Duration

Our course and certification exam can be completed is a single morning or afternoon training session.  


Our knowledge assessment exam must be completed prior to certification and generally takes 10 minutes to complete. 


All trainees that complete the course and exam with a grade of 80% or higher receive a wallet certification card.

Book Your Course Today

As you can see, we offer a comprehensive skid steer training program suited for a variety of worksites and environments. Whether you are a first-timer or someone looking for recertification, reach out to 1 Contact Safety today! Book your session today by clicking the button below.

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